Friday, November 5, 2010

Who is the Thanksgiving Angel?

I am known as the Thanksgiving Angel.  I am here (especially around the Holidays) to try and help families in need.  I work with different people, shops, etc. to try and raise money to help these families.  I try to keep all family names annonymous (unless they volunteer to have their names used).  Currently I am trying to help the Johnson* family.  They are a family of 8.  Here's who they are:

Brad* is the father
Julie* is the mother
Tom* is the oldest son
Tammy* and Stephanie* are the twin sisters
George* is the middle son
Frank* is the younger son
Tabitha* is the youngest

The kid's ages range from 19 years old-2 years old.  Brad is a stay at home dad due to an injury at work last year.  Julie was working for a networking company.  With Brad not being able to work, and Julie the only one bringing in money...the family was struggling.  Julie only made $55,000.  Julie then got laid off from her job in August.  The family has been struggling to make ends meat and now are behind on all their bills.  Their house is also going into foreclosure.  Julie is looking for other jobs, but in this economy she is having a very hard time.  They don't get much food in the house since living off of unemployment.  Since I am the Thanksgiving Angel, I am trying to help this family out.  I am seeking donations for this family.  Right now, I am now working with one shop on etsy called "Midnight Snack Baking Co.".  The owner of this shop is willing to give 1/2 the money from her purchases to this family.  To see more of her shop, follow this link:

Julie and Brad are so grateful for anything that anyone can do.  Thanksgiving is only 20 days away...and Julie and Brad want to be able to give their kids a nice family holiday.  So let's help them out!  For more information, email me at:

Thank you so much and have a Blessed Day!

*Names have been changed

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