Friday, November 5, 2010

How YOU can brighten up someone's Thanksgiving

1. Be selfless.  Do something kind and considerate for a family in need.  In this economy there are so many families who don't have enough money for food.  A lot of these families are losing their homes and in desperate need of help.  Do something to help them.  Even bringing a warm meal to a family in need is a welcoming, heart-warming surprise. 

2. Volunteer your Thanksgiving morning to go and help out at a local shelter, pass out food to families in need, or even help out at your local food pantry. 

3. Think about how you'd feel on the other side of the 'road'.  If YOUR family was that family in need, think about how that would feel.  You would do anything to make sure your family still had shelter and food.  So help out another family who is reaching out for help.

4. Donate to your local food pantry.  A lot of times, (especially around the holidays), food pantries run low on food...send flyers around the neighborhood and do a neighborhood collection for your local food pantry.

5. If you can't donate any time, and you have money to spare...there are plenty of shelters, churches, and other places that help families and could really use donations to keep that help going.

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